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About Tess

Unique to my discipline, I create original hand made jewelry. Inspired by Canada's coastal mountains in Whistler, British Columbia, I crochet sterling silver and gold into elegant jewelry. It was my mother, Cajsa, who handed down this Swedish family tradition of crocheting to me. Intuitively, I design jewelry that speaks from my heart. It is this desire that has flourished into one of my most dedicated collections.

My designs evoke personal warmth and sensual tones that elicit a deep sense of meaning and express an unparalleled array of beauty.

About The Creations

Authentic hand-crafted originals are meticulously fashioned with sterling silver, copper and gold. Among my most sought-after designs are my crocheted necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings which embrace a quasi-medieval theme.

Another technique I use to design special jewelry pieces is the blending of silver wire and semiprecious stones. The result is extremely feminine yet positively brash. Look for a variety of bold chunky items or extremely genteel smaller works. Indulge your senses in our lavish world of stunning beauty and time honoured adornment. Compliment your look and that special way you feel with your exceptional Tess Klein design.